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Tea Geek uses many different sources to compile the most reliable and accurate information available in English. Some of these resources include:


  • The Story of Tea: a cultural history and drinking guide (Heiss & Heiss)
  • The Tea Drinker's Handbook (Delmas, Minet, & Barbaste)
  • The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea (Harney)
  • First Step to Chinese Puerh Tea (Chan)
  • A Passage to Chinese Tea (Lam)
  • Harvesting Mountains: Fujian and the China tea trade, 1757-1937 (Gardella)

Web Resources


Tea Geek uses interviews with knowledgeable people to verify, expand, and clarify tea information. Some of the people we've spoken to include:

  • Tea farmers
  • A teapot museum curator
  • Ceramics producers
  • American tea industry professionals
  • An environmental toxicologist
  • A molecular biologist