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Welcome to the Tea Geek Wiki!

Tea Of The Week

Dry leaf form of Jinhou black tea
Jin Hou tea (Chinese: 金猴茶; Hanyu Pinyin: jīnhóuchá; lit. "gold monkey tea") is a Chinese black tea made in Fujian Province. It is the second of four grades of Panyang Congou.

The standard picking for Jin Hou is one leaf and a bud, typically picked by hand. These buds are what give the tea its name because the buds of the varietals used turn golden during processing. Because the buds are so important to the tea, the best grades are picked in the spring.

While most Jin Hou originates in Fujian province, some suppliers claim Yunnan and Anhui provinces as the origin of their teas. Other suppliers merely compare it with teas from Yunnan (Dian Hong, for example) or Anhui (such as Keemun). ( more)

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