Tea(ish) Book Recommendation: Three Cups of Tea

It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished reading Greg Mortinson’s book, Three Cups of Tea. While the book isn’t really about tea (it’s about the author’s quest to build schools in rural areas of central Asia), the title does come from a concept that most tea people can get behind. It is that the first cup of tea you share is an introduction. The second cup is for friendship. After the third cup, you’re family.

It is an inspiring book, and even if you don’t read the book, you can support education (especially for girls) in these unbelievably remote regions simply by going to the website for the book, where there is a page linking to both Amazon.com and Indiebound.org.  Clicking on either and then purchasing a book will result in a portion of your purchase going towards building more schools.

Though it’s not specifically about tea in a Tea Geek kind of way, how can I not give a plug for a guy who does business over tea (and his business has a real chance of bringing about more stability and peace in a sometimes very violent area of the world), and who supports education?