Tea for Public TV!

Regency Wedding ProposalWell, someone out there had a great idea.  My local public television station (KCTS-9) recently aired “The Complete Jane Austin”–dramatizations of all of Austin’s works.  Now they, and the Daughters of the American Revolution, are doing a tea to support public TV.  Next month, they have an event called Afternoon Tea with Jane Austin, in which there will be entertainment, costumes, etc., all recreating the environment of an afternoon tea from the Regency period.  In order to get tickets, you need to pledge to public TV at $150 or more.

Good for them for coming up with a fun way to get financial support, and good for them for using tea to do it!  Maybe some Jane Austin fans and/or PBS fans who don’t drink tea will go to this event, have a lot of fun, and get interested in this most wonderful and tasty drink!

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