Spam Tea?

Wall of tinned meat productI’ve been getting all kinds of spam about tea. Oprah’s weight loss tea, amazing properties of green tea, Critical Health Information!!! — some of it is ridiculous. Of course, it’s dangerous for me because I have real email sent to me all the time about tea, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the spam from legitimate tea-related emails.

Apparently I’m not alone in that assessment. I just got an email that used the word “T3A” instead of “TEA”–my guess is that spam filters are starting to use the word “tea” as a red flag for spam…and the spammers are using their tricks to make it through the filters.

However, this means that legitimate emails about tea are likely to be more difficult to get through. That’s a sad thing.

I offer this post merely as a heads-up, too. If you’re on my mailing list (and if you’re not you can join on the front page at, or on other tea lists that are delivered by email, be sure to add the sending address (or domain name) to your “Safe Senders List” or “White List” or whatever the filter calls its list of folks who you want email from.

2 thoughts on “Spam Tea?”

  1. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, tea and spam?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist a Monty Python reference there.

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