Seattle Food & Wine Show 2007

Food and Wine Show Tea DisplayIt’s been a bit since I wrote last, in part because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but more because of the Seattle food & Wine Show. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll know that I did a bunch of work helping set up a booth at this show for the Puget Sound Tea Education Association (PSTEA). That’s what’s taken up much of my time over the last couple of weeks, but I can say that it was a success. Our goal was to let people know that we’re working on the first Northwest Tea Festival, and to start building our mailing list.

Food and Wine Show Booth BannersWe had almost 30 tea businesses involved in the discussion and planning, and a dozen or so who contributed to the supplies, advertising, booth staffing, tea samples, and everything else we needed to get the booth up and running. We answered questions, showed off a real live tea plant from Russia, handed out sample cups of tea, and gave out punch cards for samples from local tea shops to those who joined our mailing list.

Now that we’ve started the buzz, though, it’s time to work on the NW Tea Festival itself. It will be Fall of 2008 (hopefully not conflicting with my tea trip to Taiwan!) and if you’re interested in attending, please sign up for the NWTF announcement list. If you happen to own a tea business and would like to be informed when we get the booth registration and/or sponsorship details finalized, you can send an email to teageek’at’

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