Lemon-y Goodness (Goddess?)

Recently, we tasted an oolong at the teashop where I work part-time.  It was a tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy), made from the varietal of the same name.  The supplier’s sample described it as being “fruity.”  Well, they were dead on.  We tasted it next to our Master’s Choice Tie Guan Yin and it was like tasting two different teas.  Our regular TGY was what I’ve come to expect–round, lush, and richly floral like an orchid or gardenia.

The sample, though, was sure fruity.  It was like someone had poured lemonade into the cup instead of tea.

Had I just tried the cup without having brewed it, I would have guessed that it was either flavored, or that it was something like a lemon myrtle tisane.  It was wonderful and smooth and refreshing…but not at all what I’d expect from a TGY.

We are, by the way, bringing it in under the name “Emerald Goddess” if you’d like to pick some up.  Although it’s not arrived yet (as of 6 July 2007), you could call the Perennial Tea Room at 888-448-4054 and ask to be informed when it comes in.   I know I will…it’s at least worth a couple of ounces for a novelty tea if you don’t fall in love with it.

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