Another Successful Class: The World of Tea

Last night Tea Geek put on a class at the Perennial Tea Room. It was the first real-life offering of “The World of Tea.” I had offered it previously on Second Life, but had to change the format because in a virtual world it’s hard to do taste comparisons.

Anyway, it was quite successful. We sold out the seats, and it was a good audience. The feedback was great overall, with the only “negative” being expressed was that several folks wanted to know more about the basic types of tea. The shop sold a bunch of stuff afterwards (good for them!) and about half of the attendees signed up for my mailing list (good for me!).

Maybe next time I’ll do less tea culture and history, and more about the actual tea processing. Unfortunately, if we’re tasting based on geography, we’re going to be drinking black tea. China, Japan, and Taiwan are the only places were non-black tea is made and exported in any kind of quantity. Or maybe just look at China.

I don’t know–I’m open to suggestions. Please leave a comment if you think any of these ideas are particularly interesting to you. Thanks!

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