Volume Two Hundred Eight

Yesterday morning I got an email from one of my personal tea gurus.  It included a list of the tea books in his own library (including title, author, publication information, etc.) 

 The list covered 208 books.

It had everything from Novelty Teapots: Five Hundred Years of Art and Design and Afternoon Tea Cakes, Tasty Sandwiches and Sweetmeats to the entire opposite end of the tea-book spectrum (if there is such a thing) with volumes like The Effect of Plant Mineral Nutrition on Yield and Quality of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis L.) Under Field Conditions and Specification of HDPE Woven Sacks–A New Alternative Packaging Material for Tea.

Holy crap I’ve got a lot to read…

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  1. I know this was ten years ago, but is there any chance of getting the list of those books?

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